Curated Fine Furnishings, LLC (“CUFF”) and buyer (“Buyer”) of items (“Item(s)”) described on the invoice agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. CUFF is a consignor of fine furnishings which resells fine furnishings. CUFF agrees to sell, and Buyer agrees to buy, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Buyer agrees to purchase, and CUFF agrees to sell, Item(s) marketed by CUFF “As Is” and CUFF makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding or related to the Item(s).

3. Buyer agrees to pay CUFF the purchase price of the Item(s) on the date of sale and agrees to pay all sales taxes associated with the Item(s). Buyer further agrees to arrange for and secure delivery of the Item(s), at Buyer’s sole cost, within 21 days of the purchase.

4. An email will be sent from CUFF within 48 hours of purchase notifying Buyer of address and details for item Pickup.

5. Buyer agrees to pick up Item(s) within 21 days of sale of Item(s). If the Item(s) is not picked up by the 22nd day, the Item(s) will go back online, and Buyer will forfeit the amount paid for the Item(s).

6. If Buyer inspects the Item(s) when they arrive to pick up their Item(s) from the Owner’s location and decides they do not want to take possession of Item(s), Buyer will be refunded their purchase price and sales tax less 8% of purchase price (to cover transaction processing fee). However, once the Item(s) leaves the Owner’s location, all sales are FINAL. CUFF will be happy to relist the Item(s) online if the Buyer takes possession of the Item(s) and decides they no longer want the Item(s). In such case, Buyer will have the opportunity to relist the Item(s) upon signing a Seller Agreement with CUFF.

7. Buyer agrees that CUFF is not liable for damages related to the sale and purchase of Item(s), including but not limited to direct, consequential, or other damages.

8. If Buyer agrees to provide CUFF with feedback, CUFF may use or disclose such feedback for any purpose.