Buyer agrees to pick up Item(s) within 14 days of sale of Item(s). If the Item(s) is not picked up by the 15th day, the Item(s) will go back online, and Buyer will forfeit the amount paid for the Item(s).

If Buyer inspects the Item(s) when they arrive to pick up their Item(s) from the Owner’s location and decides they do not want to take possession of Item(s), Buyer will be refunded their purchase price and sales tax less 8% of purchase price (to cover transaction processing fee). However, once the Item(s) leaves the Owner’s location, all sales are FINAL. CUFF will be happy to relist the Item(s) online if the Buyer takes possession of the Item(s) and decides they no longer want the Item(s). In such case, Buyer will have the opportunity to relist the Item(s) upon signing a Seller Agreement with CUFF.